Flowing Data Compares Before/After Bubble Sizes

Nice Comparison on Flowing Data regarding an error in representation using bubble/pies.










XKCD: Label your axes!

YouTube Playback at Specific Time

Hack alert! If you append this code to the end of a YouTube video’s URL, it will start playing back at the time you specify: #t=1m10s.

From http://www.baycitizen.org/blogs/staff/what-learned-las-vegas-tips-tricks-and/ – Thanks!

Dilbert on Assessment

Original at http://www.dilbert.com/2010-10-03/


Defending Conclusions from Ninjas

Another great comic from Wondermark. Perhaps for Spring newsletter during defense season.

Core Design Principles for Displaying Quantitative Information

Core Design Principles for Displaying Quantitative Information from Stephen Few (data display god!). Downloadable pdf.

These form the basis of a presentation given by Juice Analytics on the six principles of visual context:

* Principle of Proximity – Things that are visually close to each other are related
* Principle of Similarity – Things that look like each other (size, color, shape) are related
* Principle of Enclosure – Things that are enclosed by a shape are related
* Principle of Closure – We see incomplete shapes as complete
* Principle of Continuity – Things that are aligned are related
* Principle of Connection – Things that are visually connected are related

Learn more about JA via their post and site at http://www.juiceanalytics.com/writing/tableau-stephen-few-and-six-principles/ and the few pdf is definitely must-read content.

Idea: Guidelines for stakeholder-focused evaluation graphics

Chart Makeovers – Examples from Juice Analytics

These guys do nice work. Here, and in earlier posts (one reference at the bottom of the page in particular), they provide very concrete advice on how to improve specific charts including column charts, treemaps, etc. They also have open source software to try out for treemaps (need to download and try).

Chart Makeovers, Fed IT Dashboard edition: Juice Analytics

Idea: DataViz Makeovers (with appropriate attribution of the idea to colleagues at Juice Analytics)