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XKCD: Label your axes!


Dilbert on Assessment

Original at

Defending Conclusions from Ninjas

Another great comic from Wondermark. Perhaps for Spring newsletter during defense season.

Bad Font Choices Comic

Great font comic from Wondermark blog

Chart Comics from XKCD

XKCD produces some of the most insightful comics (although occasionally a bit salty) – and with Creative Commons Attribution non-commercial license so with permission to share and adapt for noncommercial uses with attribution. These are some favorites for presentations:

Stove Ownership

Convincing Pickup Line

Science Valentine






Paloma Faith – Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful

Anthem for bad data visualization artists everywhere! Chorus (first instance 0:55)

  • Do you want the truth or something beautiful?
  • Just close your eyes and make believe.
  • Do you want the truth or something beautiful?
  • I am happy to deceive you.


  • I didn’t want to speak the honest truth
  • So I spit out lies that aimed to soothe
  • Chorus

Great clip or background audio for presentation.

VisualJournalism blog also has a very funny graphic related to pie charts and her hat from this video.

Evalu8shun Posts

Two xkcd posts adapted with permission by Emily.