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David McCandless at TED – The Beauty of Data Visualization

McCandless is always interesting and finds intriguing examples – but often does not demonstrate outstanding design principles. Raises concerns for me, but brings data design to pop culture.


Hans Rosing at TED – Global Population Growth

Rosling always makes me think. I love this presentation in particular because he uses manipulatives – IKEA boxes, to illustrate his data visually. And, the boxes add a dimension that I don’t think could be achieved technologically.

New York Times Developers on Graphic Design

The graphics team at the New York Times talk about their work in constructing stories, editing content, and making information come alive in this video podcast from the team at gestalten. Note, they do it without a style guide for graphic design.

Hans Rosling – Free Statistics for Democracy

Hans Rosling from Gapminder (source of video) talks about the last 8 centimeters – making presentations get from the eye into the brain. Key moments in this video:

  • The people who produce the statistics are very often not the same type of skills that are needed to communicate. (0:32)
  • We failed the last eight centimeters. We throw the statistics into the eye but they didn’t hit the brain. (0:47)
  • The main decision makers that we have aren’t governments, aren’t policy makers, it’s the public. (1:17)
  • Statistics means bookkeeping of the state. Serving decision makers within the state. (1:33)

Tim Berners Lee at TED – Data Sharing and Data Standards for Public Data

March 2009: @TED Tim Berners Lee (developer of www) calls of open data, data sharing, data standards, gets audience to chant RAW DATA NOW

March 2010: @TED Tim Berners Lee talks about the improvement in data standards and data sharing over the past year and what is to come

Paloma Faith – Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful

Anthem for bad data visualization artists everywhere! Chorus (first instance 0:55)

  • Do you want the truth or something beautiful?
  • Just close your eyes and make believe.
  • Do you want the truth or something beautiful?
  • I am happy to deceive you.


  • I didn’t want to speak the honest truth
  • So I spit out lies that aimed to soothe
  • Chorus

Great clip or background audio for presentation.

VisualJournalism blog also has a very funny graphic related to pie charts and her hat from this video.

Hans Rosling at TED – Let My Dataset Change Your Mindset

Hans Rosling – Classic and compelling presentation on the need for to make data compelling.