Perceptual Guidelines for Creating Rectangular Treemaps

Research from colleagues at Berkeley.

Design Guidelines:

  • Use Treemap Layouts that Avoid Extreme Aspect Ratios
  • Use Bar Charts at Low Density, Treemaps at High Density
  • Use Treemaps When Comparing Non-Leaf Nodes
  • Use Luminance To Encode Secondary Values In Treemaps

Also includes review of research to date.


David McCandless at TED – The Beauty of Data Visualization

McCandless is always interesting and finds intriguing examples – but often does not demonstrate outstanding design principles. Raises concerns for me, but brings data design to pop culture.

10 ways data is changing how we live

10 ways data is changing how we live

Article from the UK Telegraph.

Bad Font Choices Comic

Great font comic from Wondermark blog

Chart Comics from XKCD

XKCD produces some of the most insightful comics (although occasionally a bit salty) – and with Creative Commons Attribution non-commercial license so with permission to share and adapt for noncommercial uses with attribution. These are some favorites for presentations:

Stove Ownership

Convincing Pickup Line

Science Valentine






ACCENT Principles for effective graphical display

ACCENT Principles for effective graphical display

Adapted from: D. A. Burn (1993), “Designing Effective Statistical Graphs”. In C. R. Rao, ed., Handbook of Statistics, vol. 9, Chapter 22.

Need to find the original – are these research based?

Hans Rosing at TED – Global Population Growth

Rosling always makes me think. I love this presentation in particular because he uses manipulatives – IKEA boxes, to illustrate his data visually. And, the boxes add a dimension that I don’t think could be achieved technologically.